Spiritual Energy Massage

The Spiritual Energy Massage is a gift that the maestro Shri S. V. Govindanji has bequeathed to humanity. In the last fifteen years of his life as a monk, He developed and experimented this very effective, simple and extremely deep massage technique.

The massage is performed on the chakra reflex zones on the soles of the feet. During this massage technique a rotating movement is used that corresponds with the meaning of the Sanskrit term chakra (wheel). This energy movement follows a sacred sound (bija mantra). The combination of movement, sound and colour associated with this sound induce a state of profound relaxation, wellbeing and spiritual harmony in those being massaged.

Mantra is a term that denotes a word or a group of words that possess and produce a phonetic energy vibration. When certain sacred words are repeated aloud in a certain fixed way, these sacred words release a form of energy.

A very powerful energy penetrates and spreads through the whole body. This form of energy helps balance the mind and conscience.