How long it takes depends on you! Are You in the Power Zone?

Sharing is caring, Louise Hay said. And this is the reason of this post.

I'm in Mysore and I am practicing under the guide of Vijay Kumar. This is my fourth time in Mysore. I love to come here for the amazing people and to get deep into my practice.

I arrived just a week ago from Italy where I attended a Louise Hay Life Coaching training with Lucia Giovannini .

I came here with the intention to focus on my yoga practice, connecting with the beautiful souls that coming from all over the world, try to metabolize the life coaching course' s experience, work on the new season in Kaliyoga Retreat Italy.

I'm in the process of developing a new consciousness about how the mind works. I think this is very important piece that contributes to create the puzzle of my life. I'm starting to look all the disciplines that I have been practicing for years (Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Holistic Therapies) with a new eyes. The ancients traditions already knew the power of mind and it is absolutely amazing that we are witnessing a scientific reading of all those practices and that many of these practices are used in contemporary psychology.

I'm more and more aware about the way I'm thinking. I Know very well the power of my thoughts and how I can design my life with them. But we never finish to develop awareness. During I'm writing this pop up in my mind the idea of Matrix, that Lucia Giovannini explains very well in her book "A Whole New Life". Matrix is a dynamic model, a map that we use to explore the reality. Every day we have the possibility to create a new frames, decide for new points of view, or reinforce old ones.

If we want Matrix stops guiding our actions from the depths of our unconscious, we must enter to understand it. Generally Matrix is hidden and we must learn to see it. Only when we bring it to the conscious level we can test and verify its contents. And the toxic frames can be questioned and modified. Awareness is the door to transformation. The first step is to identify the frames of dysfunctional meanings that have been playing in our head for years.

Today, during my yoga practice I was closing Marichyasana D (right Side) by catching my fingers tips. My teacher came to me, he sat in front of me in the usual position ready for adjustment. This time he only spoke to me: "Can you catch your wrist?" and I said "Left side yes, but this side no" and I added "It will take time". And with his sweet but also firm voice he told me "how much time it will take depends on you!"

Yes, it depends on myself. This is my power zone!!!

My power zone has to do with my way of responding to events through thoughts, emotions, words, actions. Regardless of the external situation, we always choose what to think, how to feel, how to talk and how to act. Nobody can make us feel inferior, sad, angry or frustrated if we do not want it. Nobody and nothing can ruin our lives if we do not grant them the right.

As Mata Amritanandamayi said, life is like a card game. The cards are distributed by a dealer to whom we can give different names: God, Destiny, Karma, ... Sometimes we receive beautiful cards with which it is easy to play, sometimes we find in our hands much cheaper cards. In any case we have no influence on the choice of cards. What we totally master is the way we decide to play them. When we decide to blame others, to feel victims we are renouncing our power zone.

I remember when I attended my first S.N. Goenka Vipassana Meditation 10 days Courses in 2012. I was practicing yoga asana from only 4 months and my body was not really comfortable in any sitting positions. We used to meditate 10 hours per day and in the first two days my body, my mind, every single cells of my body were just exhausted. There was one-hour meditation sessions each day focused on developing adhiṭṭhāna, self determination. In this hour students are advised not to change position. After 10 minutes sudden knee pain. And then the other knee. Because these sharp pains I lose my concentration on the breath. And a thousand thoughts begin to populate my mind. I decide to observe the pain without judging it, with equanimity. Whenever my mind is distracted, I bring it back to my breath without judgment. Thoughts come, thoughts go. Slowly they fade, slowly they fade, slowly they fade. After a while the pain seems never to have been there.

That was the first time I experienced the power of the mind and I recognized my Matrix about the concept of pain and I think this was the first time I recognized my power zone and the responsibility of my thoughts. .

Being responsible means re-appropriation of the ability to repose to events, being able to give functional answers to the questions that the life ask us. Being aware of your area of influence involves give the possibility and the space to those around us to grow responsible for their thoughts, words, actions and moods. And this means believing in others and their full ability to change.

Only by changing ourselves we open the path of transformation even to those who desire it.

May each one of you be always in your power zone.

With Love